DEPAR CHEM provide standard and custom-made adhesives, sealants, and coatings for a wide variety of applications. Some of the markets that utilize our products are:  automotive, building products, industrial, medical, and military. We focus on developing environmentally friendly solutions for our customers’ applications.



Wood Adhesives

Stationary Adhesives


Plastic Adhesives

Metal Adhesives

We offer standard and custom PSAs. They can be water based, hot-melts, or solvent based. Our synthetic rubber based (SIS, SBS) adhesives exhibit high tack, peel and shear properties as well as adhesion to low energy surfaces. Ask us about our urethane-based PSAs which offer removability with high peel force.

You may request our adhesives in plastic or metal bottles, tubes, cans, drums or IBC totes. 

Our featured finished product MDF Kit has a genuine Fast Superglue Adhesive together with the activator spray.



MDF Kit 200ml Actuator + 50gr Fast Superglue Adhesive

MDF Kit 200ml + 100gr Fast Superglue Adhesive

MDF Kit 400ml Activator + 100gr Fast Superglue Adhesive

Our packing size for adhesives vary from 50gr plastic bottle up to 1000kg tote or 20.000kg flexi tanks.